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If your haircut feels old and you are up for a change, don't wait and book with us now! Pricing is standard for any haircut you get. 


There are so many different ways a women can play with her hair. Book with us now if you are willing to get a new look!

Hairstyling (Men)

An important event coming up? Looking for a quick hair fix? We provide all kinds of hairstyling for men. Contact us to know more and book your slot!


There are more than 100 hairstyles we provide and the best of them all? We can come to your home and o them for you. Don't think twice and book with us now!

Haircut with wash

There are additional charges if you wish to wash your hair before the haircut.

Highlights/Hair color

We provide highlights and hair colours for both men and women. The price varies and depends on the length of the hair you wish to colour. 

Beard Grooming for Men

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